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My Influential Harp players

The harmonica is a versatile and expressive instrument that has been used by many blues musicians to create some of the most memorable and influential songs in the genre. Some of the classic blues harmonica players that have shaped the history and style of blues harmonica are:

Little Walter: He is widely regarded as the godfather of blues harmonica and one of the greatest harmonica players of all time. He pioneered the use of amplification and distortion to create a powerful and distinctive sound that influenced just about everyone who came after him. He played with Muddy Waters and recorded many solo hits, such as “Juke”and”My Babe” I recommend the book Blues with a Feeling, The little Walter Story by Tony Glover, Scot Dirks and Ward Gains. Check it out here on Amazon.

Sonny Boy Williamson II: He was also known as Rice Miller, and he was one of the most prolific and influential blues harmonica players and singers. He had a unique style that combined smooth and rounded notes with sudden attacks and bends. He recorded many classic songs, such as “Help Me” and “Bring It On Home”.

The best of Sonny Boy Williamson is an album I played to death when I began playing. It totally inspired me and Help me was one of the first songs I learnt to play. It uses a Bb harmonica

Best Harmonica for beginners

If you are a fan of blues music, you might want to learn how to play the blues harmonica. The blues harmonica, also known as the blues harp or diatonic harmonica, is a type of diatonic harmonica that can produce expressive and soulful sounds. But how do you choose the best blues harmonica for your needs? Here are some tips and recommendations to help you out.

The most common key for beginners a harmonica in the key of C. This is because most beginner harmonica tutorials use this The pitch is in the middle, not too high and not to low,

Consider the quality and durability of the harmonica. You want a harmonica that has a good tone, volume, and responsiveness. You also want a harmonica that can withstand moisture and corrosion, since you will be blowing air into it.


 This is a brilliant harmonica for a beginner as Seydel have managed to keep the price reasonable. Not only does it look great, it has a big sound and is quite resistant to moisture. It is suitable for beginners and more advanced players. What i particularly like is that it can be easily upgraded to steel reed plates further down the line and you then have a top notch professional harmonica.


The Hohner Special 20 is the harmonica that people recommend more than any other harmonica for a beginner.

It looks and feels great and is easy to get started with bending notes. 


Lee Oskar diatonic harmonica is another great harmonica for beginners. Some say it has a slightly brighter sound, and unique feel to it. Users can also replace the reed plates a little cheaper than other brands if they need to.  


Pleasant sounding harmonica from Suzuki. Nice look and feel in the mouth. Plastic comb with Phosphor Bronze laser tuned reeds. Easy to play and another great harp for beginners.



‘Ok so some will disagree on this being a beginner harmonica. But what exactly is a beginner harmonica? Affordable and quality is the key. This harmonica for me is the best value harmonica on the market. It has steel reeds that last much longer than other metals, and when I say longer I mean up to five times longer! So if you can afford a little more, I would recommend this bad boy. Used by Pros and novice players alike, this is my number one choice when starting out.

There are many brands and models of blues harmonica out there, but you wont go far wrong with any of the above if your just starting out.

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